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If your printer driver is not working properly or an error occurs while printing documents it means that your Hp envy 5000 printer driver is missing, usually, you will receive popup notification “printer Driver is unavailable” this error also occurs in other brands as well as “canon printer driver is unavailable errors.

Hp Envy 5000 printer is a category of Hp printer which are specially designed for printing, copying and scanning of documents. These printers are available reasonable prices; furthermore these printers need low electric power that’s why people prefer hp envy printers.

envy 5000 printer driver

But when it comes to installation process without specific printer driver the printer will not work if your concern driver is missing for this purpose you need to download hp envy 5000 printer driver for your Pc.

In this article I mention all the related issues and there solutions in details hope fully this article will help you to fix driver related issues, so read the article carefully and follow the instructions.

Envy 5000 Printer

Hp envy 5000 is a printer series of hp printers that are specially designed for printing scanning and copying of you documents. Not only this but also these Printers are very fast speed of printing up to 10 PPM , according to the IOS standard in draft mood up to 20 PPM and when it comes to printing color photos or documents can up to 7ppm.

Key features


  • To be sure user can print using the hp smart app.
  • Also using hp printer software for print.
  • Meanwhile Photos can print through hp printer software.
  • Not only documents but also Envelopes Printing.
  • In the meantime you can print on both sides.
  • In addition to this with the help of App you can print on mobile devices.
  • Although user can print using the maximum dpi.


You can easily select number of copies and color but also black and white for copying on plain paper from the copy menu from the display. Furthermore you can adjust the brightness of the copy and also can resizing the copy.


User can scan, photos, papers and other type of documents, But also send them to a computer or an email recipient.

  • Therefore user can scan using the hp smart app.
  • Also you can scan using hp printer software.
  • User also scans from the printer control panel.
  • Moreover scanning facility is available through web cam.

Hp envy 5000 driver download and supported windows.

Hp envy 5000 printer driver is user friendly you can install it easily on your computer. But if you are beginner don’t worry. In brief I have mentioned all the manuals and supports related downloading and installations.

The printer technology is known as Hp thermal inject method and the compatible driver is PCL3 (GUI). Apart from this the driver is working with Pc as well as wireless connectivity.

If you want to download the latest version of envy 5000 driver which is very compatible for all type of windows, click on the providing download button.

Hp Envy 5000 driver supported windows operating systems.

Window vista. “32 bit” window vista”64bit”, Windows 7. “32 bit” windows 7. “64 bit”, Windows 8. “32 bit” windows 8. “64 bit”, Windows 10. “32 bit” windows 10. “64 bit”, Windows 11. “32 bit” windows 11.”64 bit”.

Hp Envy 5000 driver supported Macintosh operating system.

Mac los X mavericksc10. 9x, 10.10x 10.11x,  10.12 x, 10.13x, 10.14x, 10.15x, and Mac Os big Sur 11.x.

Hp 5000 driver supported Linux operating system.

  • Ubuntu OS.
  • Fedora OS.
  • Cent OS.
  • Red Hat Enterprise.
  • Linux OS.
  • SUSE Linux OS.

Features of Envy 5000 pro Printer driver.

After download and installation it will provide you so many features.

  • Without any payment you can download and install it.
  • Although it is Bugs free
  • It will not damage or corrupt while sudden shutdown or any power shortage.
  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Moreover it will protect your bottom line.
  • Also available for all kind of operating systems.
  • No need to log in or signup.

How to set / fix Hp Envy 5000 printer Driver issues?

When the error occurs in your computer or in your printer device hardware and software it will not let you to work properly. But in spite of it will stop printing automatically. Usually it happens when you sudden shutdown the working device in this case it will not find the actual printer driver.

Therefore in the article I will let you know how to fix such kind of problems that you will be able to fix the Envy 5000 printer driver issue by yourself. Simply if your printer device is not responding you have to reinstall it if not then alternatively update your printer driver.

How to install Hp Envy 5000 Printer Driver?

  • The very first thing is you have to download envy 5000 printer driver.
  •  At the same time turn on your printer, pc, and devices.
  • Unplug the printer before prompts become visible.
  • Once it is seen to plug the wire and attach CD or DVD.
  • Follow the instruction on your screen.
  • Meanwhile click on install option and start the process.
  • Connect your printer devices and start the process.
  • As well as connect your printer device with your pc.
  • The instruction will seen on your pc and complete it.


In conclusion I hope the preceding arguments have convinced you of the need for action. The article contains the very mandatory element of every organization, office, and home that is envy 5000 printer driver. The hp envy 5000 printer has been created by Hp Company especially for it highly speed printing process. It has wireless features so users admire its great features.

On the other hand it has many other features which make it unique from other printers such as duel side printing and scanning options, mostly people preferred hp envy 5000 printer because of its user friendly and multi features. I already have mentioned all the features and details in above section.

Now you can download the latest version of hp envy 5000 printer driver for your pc which is acceptable for all windows operating systems such as windows 10 windows 8 windows 7 and Linux operating systems, if you still facing any kind of problem write your issues bellow in the comments section. Thank you.

you can also download more drivers such as HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer Drive , Epson L310 Printer Driver

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