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If you have any problem regarding Xerox Global Printer Driver then you are in the right place. For example your printer is not working and you are receiving popup notification on your screen regarding your printer device. May be your printer is malfunctioning we have all the solutions. So just come down and be relax every problem have a solution.

1st you have to check that what kind of problem you are facing. Simply check your printer driver from device manager setting. If the printer driver is install properly but your printer device not working then the problems is in your hardware. If the driver is missing or not updated then you don’t need to be worry.

Xerox Global Printer Driver:

The problem is so simple just you have to download the Xerox Global printer Driver from our web site. We have already created the download button just click on it and install the required driver for your operating system. But before installation remember one thing. Choose the appropriate driver for your windows operating system because there are a variety of drivers.

Which are only compatibles with the same operating system. If you downloaded another version instead of required version it will not work. So 1st make sure that you are downloading right software. I will mention all the required elements in the article one by one so kindly read the article carefully.

The best feature is it is available for both Xerox and non-Xerox printers and allow IT manager to add and update printer device without reinstalling the driver. it enhance the user experience. The developers of this machine had updated and introduced many new things color production, pre-configuration, company security polices, print jobs and pin protection and many more.

It provides real time feedback to the also detect the printer driver and update it automatically. This is the latest technology machine so it has many new things which are new to the users so it enhances the user experience and make more development to the user work.

Xerox Pinter Features:

As you that this is new technology that means it is different from the old printer machines. It has a lot of features that will help you to enhance your experience and let you to work with new ways. Here are some features I have mention below.

The best thing in this machine is IT manager that allow you to manage all the printer machines on the network that is great.

You can easily update and replace the machine. Just connect the new printer and allocate it the identical IP.

It does not need you to reinstallation but it also updates the features and detects the device automatically.

The IT efficiency makes it fast and easy to install new devices.

It can work with both Xerox and non-Xerox, machines this quality make it universal.

The best feature is the user interface which allow first tab that make it more easy and simple to select the printer option.

It is best for the organizations because it is simple and user friendly.

It provides online help assists in 26 languages with troubleshooting and holdup for its products globally.

There are countless features which you can practically use while working on this updated and amazing machine.

Download Xerox Global Printer Driver:

When it comes to the download process it has very simple steps. You can download the recent updated version for Post script and PCL6 by just click one the download button. The Xerox Global Printer Driver is fully scanned and bugs free. It has no harmful impact on your pc and operating system that you can download it without any issue. But just remember that you are downloading the appropriated version for your windows operating system.

Installation Process

It has very simple installation process that is very easily understandable. Just you have to follow the steps after the downloading process done. At the very 1st step open the download file location and click on the exe file to install the driver. It will appear on the screen now click agree and tab next follow the instructions on the screen. When the installation process will done restart the computer. Your driver is installed now you can configure the IP port on device.

After the installation process done open the IP port and then open the control panel and navigations from the device and printer option. Then tab on the new printer and open the properties. Now select the device properties. Go to the port tab. The appropriated port has already selected. Tab on configure port. Select the LRP protocol. Now uncheck SNMP and LRP byte counter.  Click ok to apply the settings.

FAQs about Xerox Global Printer Driver

Who makes Xerox Printer?

An American corporation name as Xerox Holdings Corporation that introduce Xerox. They produce printers and other digital documents products. They export their products in more than 160 countries in the world.

Why Xerox Global printer is the best?

Xerox Global printers are the multi-tasking technology and it has a good feedback from users due to its multi functions it is known as the best printers globally.

Is Xerox Global inkjet or laser printer?

It is color laser printer because it has a very high demand. These are very fast and good quality color printers.

Does Xerox printer use ink?

It doesn’t use liquid ink to photocopy instead of ink they use toner which is like a dry powder. Basically it is the combination of heat, light and static electricity.

Can it print copy without any computer?

Yes it can be used for copier it has wireless functions and you can copy documents without connect it with any device.


Xerox Global printer driver is ready to download with in just a click on the download button. If you have this kind of printing machine you are lucky enough. The device is unique, fast and multifunctional. Just you have to select the appropriate software for it. I have mention all the mandatory aspects in details if you have any question regarding the installation and downloading process you can write it on comments section.

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